Staff Testimonials








"I joined MNF Group back when it was a small start up and I have seen it grow into a multi-national organisation. There is always so much going on, so many new projects and so much new tech being adopted, that I have definitely never been bored – even after 10 years! MNF have always supported my career development and I have worked in number of different roles and platforms over the years. I have recently started up a new dev team and am looking forward to releasing the first version of our new software."

- Rebecca Callan - Lead Engineer, Technology







"The chance to lead tax planning and compliance globally, with a listed company that is expanding its international footprint, was simply too good to turn down. MNF Group is agile and there are opportunities to add value by building processes from the ground up; as such, you have full control and ownership for your area. I am looking forward to expanding into more countries and potential future acquisitions and the opportunity this creates to grow net profit and value for shareholders."

- Patrick O’Sullivan – Group Tax Manager, Finance








"I joined MNF Group as the management were super open for new talents and valued soft skills, attitude and work ethic - more so than education - which impressed me. I love the work culture here and the people I work with. Everybody is super friendly and social, which make the workplace much more fun to be in. I’m excited to see the results of our Pay It Fwd project that Connexus is currently embarking on – it’s an exciting time to be at MNF Group!"

- Almira Abdukerim – Business Sales Executive, Direct








"Coming back to MNF Group was an easy choice when I found that the Systems team had an opening. The team is great to work with and I missed the work. The best part of my job is definitely enabling my teammates and the developers to succeed, making their jobs easier in the process. I'm really looking forward to helping out with our growing cloud adoption and implementing better practises that help the business perform better."

- Christopher Lord – Systems Engineer, Technology 








"One of the best things about working here is being able to work on a wide range of projects and brands - it means that things never get boring! I’ve also been given fantastic opportunities to learn new skills and support to progress my career. "

- Sarah Branson, Brand Manager, Commercial







"MNF Group offered me a fantastic opportunity to work in exciting and developing areas of law while providing a supportive and flexible environment to develop in. Every day is different and there is such a variety of work that you are always engaged and never bored. I work with fantastic, talented people who teach me new things and make each day a pleasure. With the growth of the business domestically and internationally, it is a fantastic opportunity to assist the business to achieve its targets while learning and developing new skills. "

- Kasey Richmond – Corporate Counsel, Legal and Compliance