Telco & Software Brands

MNF Group Brand Ecosystem

MNF Group owns an ecosystem of brands which address every level of the Australian market: Residential, Corporate, Enterprise and Government. The Group also encompasses proprietary software and services which are sold to Carriers and Networks worldwide.


TNZI Symbio Networks  Supernet iBoss Telcoinabox  MNF Enterprise        
 TollShield CCI MyNetFone Connexus PennyTel          


International voice services and software

TNZI is a global voice business servicing international carriage service providers, regional telecommunications networks and multi-national enterprise. TNZI currently delivers 3% of global wholesale voice traffic, with unmatched reach into the Asia-Pacific region. Needless to say, the TNZI name is established and respected in the global telecommunications market.

As part of the MNF Group, TNZI provides the essential partnerships, infrastructure and technology to deliver voice calls internationally. TNZI also provides the Group's proprietary carrier software to international customers. Formerly the international services division of Spark New Zealand, TNZI joined the MNF Group in 2015.

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Symbio Networks

Symbio Networks 

In-country voice infrastructure and platforms

Symbio Networks is one of just four voice carriers in Australia, and provides IP voice carriage services and software to all levels of the Australian and New Zealand telecommunications industry. Symbio Networks was founded in 2004, and joined the MNF Group in 2012.

Within the Group, Symbio also operates an international new-generation voice network. This considerable asset provides complete coverage of Australia and New Zealand, with direct Points of Presence in major global destinations. The carrier-grade IP infrastructure is fully interconnected, and forms the largest IP voice network in the country.

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Singapore in-country voice and data network

Supernet is a fully licensed independent Facilities Based Operator (FBO) in Singapore. It owns a domestic fully interconnected voice network infrastructure with Singaporean Government certification, full national interconnection with NetLinkTrust (the Singapore NBN fiber wholesale company) and extensive domestic dark fibre transmission within the Singapore CBD.

Supernet provides MNF Group a rapid entry into the complex Singapore market and is part of MNF's regional expansion strategy into Asia. 

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iBoss (software)

Everything telcos need to do business, in the cloud

iBoss is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform which enables anyone to start and scale their own telecommunications business. The platform supports a number of voice (PSTN and IP), data (ADSL and NBN) and mobile (MNVO and MVNE) service providers in Australia. 

The proprietary iBoss platform delivers a complete set of business tools and telco services in the Cloud, enabling up-and-coming brands to reach their market sooner. This fits with the Group's ambition for ongoing  innovation and disruption in the telco market. The MNF Group acquired iBoss in 2014.

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Wholesale telecommunications aggregator

Telcoinabox (TIAB) is recognised as a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service enablement in the Australian wholesale telecommunications market, providing services to over 500 wholesale customers. TIAB offers an end-to-end suite of telecommunications products with its own proprietary operational and business support system management.

As a wholesale aggregation leader in the Australian telco industry, TIAB strongly complements the wholesale brands of MNF Group. Telcoinabox was acquired by MNF Group in 2018.

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MNF Enterprise

Enterprise and Government telecommunications

MNF Enterprise unlocks the potential of IP voice services for enterprise and government organisations within Australia. MNF Enterprise offers a diverse range of Unified Communications products, including enterprise-grade SIP trunks and advanced reporting services on MNF Group's intelligent national voice network. 

MNF Enterprise currently holds the following government certifications: Victorian Government Telecommunication Purchasing and Management Strategy 2025 (TPAMS2025), Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV), Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA), NSW Procurement ICT Services Scheme, Queensland Government IT&T Procurement Panel and Tasmanian Government. Previously a sub-segment of the MyNetFone brand, MNF Enterprise was introduced as a separate brand in 2017.

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TollShield (software)

Toll fraud mitigation for Networks and Carriers 

In the telco industry, 'toll fraud' is one of the most common (yet little-known) problems. This fraud typically occurs when a network or carrier is hacked, and high volumes of international calls are made illegally. TollShield is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform which helps detect and block fraud within minutes of detection. It can save telcos many thousands of dollars per annum

TollShield was designed and developed in-house by the MNF Group, and launched globally in 2015. The patent fraud mitigation technology is licensed to global carriers and networks by Symbio Networks and TNZI. TollShield has been ranked among Australia's top 100 innovations of 2015 (Anthill SMART 100).

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Conference Call International

Audio conferencing and collaboration services

Conference Call International (CCI) provides high quality and reliable conferencing and collaboration services. CCI is currently generating more than 50 million minutes of audio conferencing per annum. CCI’s state of the art collaboration technology allows for rapid growth into the rising market of audio/desktop/video collaboration.

CCI caters to customers' unique conference call requirements, delivering solutions to over 5,000 Business, Enterprise and Government customers, including many top 500 enterprises. The MNF Group acquired CCI in 2017.

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Corporate telecommunications

MyNetFone provides voice and internet services to thousands of Australian businesses. The brand has a strong following among small business. By offering a range of quality, user-friendly new-gen services with exceptional value propositions to customers around Australia, MyNetFone is transforming the corporate and residential markets in an increasingly Internet-centric age.

The MyNetFone brand is the namesake and foundation business of the MNF Group. The brand was established in 2004, originally as a retail VoIP provider, and diversified into the corporate market in 2008. Today, MyNetFone provides a full suite of corporate voice, fax and data services - including the proprietary Virtual PBX phone system.

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Simple telecommunications for SMBs

Connexus solves the pain of technology for small business. Connexus makes business-grade phone, mobile and NBN easy to understand, quick to setup and simple to use, leveraging world-class innovation and investment to create the best business telecom experience for SMBs.

Connexus was originally founded in 1989, acquired by MNF Group in 2012 and was relaunched in 2019.

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Mobile services and phones

Pennytel provides mobile services tailored to the needs of the over 50’s . Offering simple great value mobile plans, as well as affordable smartphones, with a focus on regional coverage and quality customer service. Pennytel uses parts of the Telstra Mobile Network that cover more than 98.8% of the population with 3G and 97% of the population with 4G.

100% Australian owned, Pennytel was acquired by MNF Group in 2013 and was relaunched in 2018.

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