Investor Webinars


Results presentation for H1 FY17

14 February 2017 - Rene Sugo, MNF Group CEO, presents the H1 FY2017 financial results for MNF Investors and Shareholders.



CEO webinar: Acquisition of Conferencing Call International (CCI)

2 February 2017 - MNF Group CEO presents information about the acquisition of Conferencing Call International (CCI) and associated funding.



AGM webcast: CEO Forecast & Strategy Presentation, October 2016

MNF Group CEO presents the company's financial results, future strategy and growth plans at the 2016 AGM.



Webcast: Institutional Day Presentation, September 2016

MNF CEO and Executive Team present an in-depth look at each business unit, along with demos of feature-rich, innovative self-service portals being rolled out in FY17.



CEO webcast: FY2016 Full Year Results Presentation



CEO webcast: FY2016 Half Year Financial Results Presentation



AGM 2015 CEO Presentation



FY2015 Financial Results Presentation



Acquisition of TNZI voice business



First Half FY2015 Financial Results Presentation



FY2014 Financial Results Presentation



First Half FY2014 Financial Results Presentation