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MyNetFone Group Software and Innovation

The MNF Group has a long history of innovation and software development. Uniquely, this proprietary software and technology is not held back - it is made available to customers of TNZI and Symbio Networks throughout the world.


Detect and block toll fraud in real time

Every day, millions of phone calls are made illegally – through a crime called ‘toll fraud’. This crime is an ongoing financial risk for communication service providers. A single attack can cost tens of thousands. In 2013, toll fraud was estimated to have cost the industry $46.3 Billion (CFCA, 2013).

Typically, cyber criminals hack into an enterprise phone system or phone network. Then (while in control of the systems) the criminals collect money to send and receive calls internationally. The criminals don't pay for the overseas calls. Instead, the victim is left with a huge, unexpected bill for thousands of international phone calls.

TollShield® is a software platform that enables users to detect and block toll fraud in real time. It is built upon patent-pending fraud detection technology which can pick out toll fraud from billions of regular calls. This powerful software is proven to all-but-eliminate toll fraud. Developed in-house, TollShield® was launched globally in 2015.

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Start and scale a telecommunications business

The telecom market is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs and vertically integrated brands. But the barriers to entry are high. A new entrant must develop everything from scratch: products and services, carrier agreements, back-office systems, customer-facing systems, billing and and provisioning software. This is expensive, slow and complicated.

iBoss® delivers a complete set of business tools and telco services in the Cloud, enabling up-and-coming brands to reach their market sooner. The turnkey platform encompasses invoicing, billing, operations, customer service, sales and marketing capability. It is purpose-built for the telecommunications industry.

The iBoss® platform was acquired in 2014. The platform is deeply integrated with the Symbio product suite, enabling rapid deployment of new-generation voice, fax and numbering services. The platform currently supports voice (PSTN and IP), data (ADSL and NBN) and mobile (MVNO) service providers in Australia.

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OCA Softswitch

Open Standard Class 4 / 5 softswitch

OpenCA (OCA) Softswitch delivers a bridge to Next Generation Networks with converged voice, data and multi-media services for global carriers and enterprises. OCA enables carriers and ISPs to realise the economic benefits of network convergence – voice and data, fixed and mobile.

A 'true softswitch' - OCA is a versatile, flexible software-based product that manages the signaling for voice calls over a packet data network - traditionally performed by large Tandem/Transit or Class switches. This data transmission is usually via Internet Protocol (IP), typically referred to as Voice over IP (VoIP), or Packet Telephony.

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OCA Softswitch

Other proprietary technology


In addition to SaaS products, the MNF Group owns a range of voice carriage technologies. These proprietary technologies are shared by all MNF Group brands and wholesale customers using the MNF Group network.

- The Symbio LNP enables service providers to 'unlock' Australian and New Zealand landline or mobile phone numbers, to enable faster and more flexible voice service delivery. 

- Symbio GRS is a carrier-grade routing system which dynamically manages the path of incoming and outgoing phone calls so as to maximise service quality and minimise carriage cost. 

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IP Network Technology